Learn how we decide whether to take a dental X-ray

When the pain in your mouth become more than your general dentist can help you handle, it’s important to know who to turn to.

Some patients worry about the effects of X-rays and (rightfully) ask whether the test is necessary.


It’s important to have the facts straight before making a decision about your dental health. According to the National Cancer Institute, more harm is often caused by not getting a dental X-ray than by getting one. You’ll learn why in this brochure, as well as the answers to these frequently asked questions:

  • Are X-rays dangerous?
  • How do dental X-rays differ from other medical X-rays?
  • How do Penn dentists determine when to use X-rays?
  • Should pregnant women be worried?
  • How do you minimize risk for children?

In this engaging brochure, you’ll get accurate information about how X-rays are used at Penn Dental Medicine. Take advantage of this free offer so you can make your decisions based on the facts. Download your copy today!